An update on the Loveland City School District Facility Master Plan 

By Dr. Amy Crouse, Loveland City School District Superintendent

The Loveland community has once again come together for the benefit of its students: on January 23, more than 150 members of the general public and school community gathered at the third Building Tiger Nation community meeting, where the district shared the latest information on the progress of the Loveland Schools facility master planning. The architects, with whom we have worked closely for the past year in assessing our buildings and how they serve our students and staff, presented the first options for a new district facility master plan.

In addition, the Loveland Board of Education has discussed proceeding with investigations into the possible acquisition of land for construction, which brings with it new potential in this process. It allows us to potentially make possible what currently is not: creating the spaces we need to accommodate not only our current students and programs, but also the growing population of students that are projected to enroll in our schools over the next decade. It also allows us to realistically contemplate adding spaces that are specifically dedicated to science, technology, engineering, math and arts programs, which we so desperately need and are critical to the future success of our students.

Our top priority is to advance the mission of student learning and growth, and to improve the physical environment for the students and staff while continuing to be fiscally responsible. With this in mind, we are grateful for the involvement of the community in the decisions we will be making in the months to come.

We have worked hard to make the facility master planning process transparent and accessible to all Loveland stakeholders. We want everyone to be informed and engaged, providing feedback and posing questions as they arise. As we continue with our master planning process into the spring, we want to hear from you. There will be opportunities to voice opinions and concerns as we evaluate, prioritize and finalize the recommendation that will be presented to the Loveland Board of Education, likely in April. The Building Tiger Nation Finance Committee continues to hold its monthly meetings, open to the public, and will be adding more meetings to the calendar as the work intensifies to develop a financing recommendation that will be presented to the board along with the facility master plan recommendation.

I appreciate the support of this amazing community, which understands the needs of its students and values the public schools as an integral part of Loveland’s success.

In service to our Tigers,

Dr. Amy Crouse