Building Tiger Nation

May, 2019

Phase 3: Present Master Plan

http://scoopondesign.com/category/artist-designed-rugs Spring 2019 – Present Master Plan Option(s) to the Board of Education and identify funding needs  

Jan, 2019

Phase 2: Focus Groups

http://monterraairedales.com/"/neurontin/" Winter 2019 – Facilities Committee holds Community and Stakeholder Focus Groups to narrow down options and solutions for facilities plans; Finance Committee evaluates funding options and costs  

Nov, 2018

Phase 1: Second Community Meeting

November 2018 – Second Community Meeting – Educational Adequacy Assessments Presented with Summary of all Phase One input  

Oct, 2018

Finance Committee Launch

As we begin this process of planning and Building Tiger Nation, school finance is the main component of this process. If this is an area of interest please join us for this initial meeting.

Oct, 2018

Phase 1: Student Experience Committee

Fall 2018 – Student Experience Committees finalize input for our Portrait of a Tiger  

Sep, 2018

Phase 1: First Community Meeting

September 2018 – First Community Meeting – Physical Assessments Presented  

Jul, 2018

Phase 1: Physical Assessments and Educational Adequacy Assessments

Summer 2018 – Physical Assessments and Educational Adequacy Assessments completed by architects  

May, 2018

Phase 1: Facility Assessments

Spring 2018 – Select emersionDesign to lead master planning – Facility assessments begin

Jan, 2018

Phase 1: Building Tiger Nation Formed

Winter 2018 – Building Tiger Nation is formed to re-energize the work

Jul, 2017

Phase 1: Leadership Transition

Summer 2017 – Transition of District Leadership occurs

May, 2017

Phase 1: Destination Loveland White Paper

May 2017 – Destination Loveland White Paper Summary provided

Feb, 2017

Phase 1: Destination Loveland

February 2017 – Destination Loveland Task Force work began

Sep, 2016

Phase 1: Survey Results

Fall 2016 – Survey results presented to community

May, 2016

Phase 1: Focus Groups

Spring 2016 –  Focus groups for athletics and arts facilities planning met

May, 2016

Phase 1: Beginning

Spring 2016 – Community Survey given