The Building Tiger Nation Steering Committee meets every other Thursday to discuss, direct, and move the planning process forward. Members of the committee include:

Picture Member Contact
Mr. John Ames, Business Manager
Mr. Garth Carlier, Loveland Intermediate School Principal
Ms. Cee Cee Collins, President of the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance
Ms. Andrea Conner, Director of Teaching and Learning
Dr. Amy Crouse, Superintendent
Mr. Eric Dool, Director of Student Services
Ms. Julie Dunn, Executive Assistant
Mr. Kevin Hawley, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Art Jarvis, President of the Loveland Board of Education
Ms. Katrina Kirby, Steering Committee Parent Liasion;

Proctor & Gamble Finance & Accounting Associate Director
Mr. David Knapp, Director of Technology and Innovation
Dr. Kathryn Lorenz, Vice President of the Loveland Board of Education
Ms. Susanne Quigley, Chief Information Officer
Ms. Robin Wiley, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources