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Portrait of a Tiger


What does it have to do with Building Tiger Nation? On Wednesday, September 26, a group of parents, teachers, district staff and administrators met to start outlining Loveland’s “Portrait of a Tiger.” This initial Student Experience meeting was dedicated to sharing information and beginning the process of identifying the qualities and skills our community wishes for our students to have as they leave Loveland High School. “This is important work that we have been doing and will continue to do, but right now we have a unique opportunity to explore how our mission for Tiger learning and growth ties into the [...]

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Building Tiger Nation: Portrait of a Tiger Announcement


Continuing to build upon the first Community Meeting on September 6, which provided information on our school facilities assessment, we invite you to attend our next Building Tiger Nation public event, Portrait of a Tiger. This event, which is the first meeting featuring topics relating to the Student Experience, will be hosted in conjunction with the College and Career Readiness Night, taking place at Loveland High School on September 26, 7:10 - 8:10 p.m. The purpose of this one-hour session is to provide information and context as we consider the current landscape of education and begin to think and dream big [...]

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