Community Meeting #2: Educational Facility Evaluation


Building Tiger Nation Facilities Master Planning Moves on to Phase Two On November 28, the Loveland City School District held the second Building Tiger Nation Community Meeting, with over 100 members of the Tiger Family and greater Loveland community in attendance. In a presentation of the results of the educational facility evaluation conducted over the past six months, a panel of students and teachers shared their personal experiences regarding the implications of the current school facilities on teaching and learning at Loveland. “It was very powerful to hear directly from the ‘experts’ on their impressions and experiences, and see the correlation [...]

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Community Meeting #1: Physical Assessment Data Summary


More than 100 stakeholders gather at Building Tiger Nation Community Meeting #1 On Thursday, September 6, more than 100 members of the Loveland City School District and the larger Loveland community gathered at the first Building Tiger Nation Community Meeting to hear about the current condition of the district’s buildings and facilities. Christie Boron, principal of the architect firm emersion DESIGN, presented data from the physical building assessments conducted over the past several months, as well as the estimated cost associated with maintaining and/or replacing aging school facilities. John Ames, Loveland Schools business manager, discussed enrollment projections for the district as [...]

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