Greetings from the office of the greatest job EVER; as the superintendent of the Loveland City School District, I have the privilege of serving the more than 500 members of our staff – 70 percent of whom call our school community home; the 4,800 Tiger students who we work to grow from preschool through high school; and the 50,000 residents of this supportive school community. Together, we are Tiger Nation, and I am thrilled to be a part of this team!

It is hard to believe we are closing the chapter on the 2017-18 school year. It was a story of exciting change and increased opportunity for our students. We established academic pathways and internships for our students, we developed a partnership with the University of Cincinnati – providing the ability for our students to take college-credit courses in information technology while in high school, and we incorporated one-to-one technology, which transports our students beyond the traditional classroom in grades five through 12.

As you can already see, education today looks far different than when many of us were in school. It has changed how we use space in our buildings even down to what we need in our buildings to support increased technology usage.

At Loveland, we are already planning into the future. With this next school year, we will take a look at our curricular needs and our current facility needs through an extensive Master Planning process.

We have space and facility needs right now. We are using every available space and are out of space in several buildings. In fact, we are currently restricted from developing much-needed programs for our students due to inadequate facilities. Spatial challenges are impeding expansion of early childhood opportunities, growth of unique science learning like robotics, and more robust offering in the arts and athletics. Students learning in trailers and teachers facilitating classes on carts is the reality we currently face as a district.

Our Master Facility process will clearly assess our curricular and facility needs both now and into the future. This month, we begin a year-long process of community engagement to assess the current and future school facility needs; a task force comprised of administrators, staff, students, parents, and business and community leaders will work with a master planning firm to help advance the goals of Tiger Nation. The work is divided into three main phases:

•         Phase 1 – Assessment (May 2018 – September 2018)
•         Phase 2 – Translation (September 2018 – April 2019)
•         Phase 3 – Master Plan Delivery (July 2019)

That is where you come in: We need you to be involved and invite you to participate throughout the process. Please contact me directly ( to join us on this exciting journey!

Dr. Amy Crouse
Posted May 2, 2018