Loveland Board of Education approves resolution of necessity for combined levy/bond issue

The Loveland City School District Board of Education has approved a resolution of necessity for a combined operating levy needed to fund daily operations of the school district, and a building and construction bond to implement the district’s facility master plan.

“The Board of Education’s primary responsibility is to provide an outstanding education to the children and students in our community,” said Board President Art Jarvis. “We never take lightly our obligation to ask the taxpayers for additional funds when needed, and we, as a unanimous board, are confident that this request is absolutely necessary and in the best interest of our students and our community.”

The last operating levy was passed in 2014 and promised to last four years. Through conservative fiscal management and consistent focus on cost-saving opportunities, the district has stretched every dollar and made the money last nearly one and a half years longer.

In addition to operating dollars, which fund the day-to-day operations of the district, passing the ballot issue in November will allow the district to implement the facility master plan that was approved by the Board of Education in April to address urgent and much-needed building renovations and additions.

“Considering the extensive involvement of community members in the development of the master plan, I strongly believe that our residents support the board’s decision and understand the urgency for the best possible solution to our facilities issues,” said Superintendent Dr. Amy Crouse.

The board is expected to vote on final ballot language this Friday, July 26, after the Hamilton County Auditor certifies the exact millage amount. The millage amount will determine the impact of the combined levy on district property taxes.